You will often hear us say, “Oh we’ve been best friends since high school,” but it’s true! Like most of you and your friends, we spent our teenage nights together getting ready for prom, winter formal and on the rare occasion sneaking into the club under age… ok maybe that last one was just us. Our love for hair and makeup developed at a young age and grew deep along with our friendship and passion to share what we knew with other people! As most relationships over time disconnect, ours has managed to stay strong for almost 20 years. If we are going to do what we love we also should enjoy who we work with. That’s our motto!


Marisa is a self-made woman who transformed her beauty ideas into a thriving freelance business.

After finishing cosmetology school in Northern California she moved to LA to pursue her career. Marisa specializes in hairstyling, makeup & jewelry. After a few years of working in Hollywood salons she decided to go a different route, the freelance route. A variety of jobs and traveling for work is a dream for her. She spends a lot of her working days booking bridal events, working with wedding parties, on productions sets, making jewelry and painting. Marisa has painted abstract art since 2006 and produces art & music shows at various locations in California.

In 2015 Marisa started AILLE beauty with two of her best friends, Penelope & Jessica.

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Penelope is an accomplished makeup artist in the Los Angeles area. She grew up in the Bay Area and started her journey to LA to become a professional dancer. That life of creativity and showmanship allowed her to explore makeup and develop a love for it. Growing up, she was always the friend that did everyone’s makeup. Her clientele developed from word of mouth. She began freelancing for MAC cosmetics and moved on to work projects on set, photoshoots, red carpet events, music videos and even touring with artists. Penelope is passionate about helping women feel beautiful. She has the ability to bring out the natural beauty in each client.

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Jessica started developing a love for makeup at 15 years old. Born, raised and still living in the Bay Area. She has a passion to help people enhance their beauty with makeup. In pursuit of her passion in these latest years she has already worked on doing makeup for a short film, photoshoots, runways, weddings & special events.

Jessica enjoys both learning and teaching the artistry of makeup. Meeting her client’s needs and expectations and making sure they feel good is a top priority.

She is excited to keep pursuing her passion and growing as makeup artist along side her AILLE Beauty team.

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